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myBlue for your Dependents 18 and Older

Your Dependents 18 and older have the ability to create their own myBlue account. This gives them the opportunity to take more control of their own healthcare and to learn about their benefit plan.

Instead of relying on you to provide them with all of their information, they can have direct access. You will continue to have access to most EOB information, but other Protected Health Information (PHI) will be hidden unless they choose to share that data with you.

Setting up myBlue for Dependents
  1. When you log in the app, if you have eligible Dependents, select the orange bar at the top.

  2. Select each Dependent and enter their email address. This will send a registration email to them.

  3. Your Dependent will verify their identity and create a permanent username and password.

  4. They can then choose whether or not to share certain account information with you.

Once they log in and go to the “Account Sharing” screen, they will see your name and the status of sharing their account. (They will always have the option to Stop Sharing access with you.)

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