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Updated April 2021

Communities & Organizations

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Businesses and Workplaces

The Mississippi Department of Health provides the following guidance for businesses and workplaces:

  • Masks or face coverings are strongly encouraged for employees in contact with the public, and for all employees when a separation of at least six feet cannot be maintained between others.

  • Workplaces should be mindful of providing strong hygiene support and facilitating social distancing for the safety of their employees and patrons. Employees who are sick should stay at home, and employees should be checked daily for COVID-19 symptoms.


Preparing for Employees to Return to the Workplace

MSDH Workplace Guidance

Governor’s Orders

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Youth and Summer Camps

The end of the school year is approaching and summer is drawing near. Parents will no doubt be considering summer camps and sports camps to help children and teenagers reestablish connections, relax, learn new skills and spend more time outdoors. Over the last year, children and teenagers missed opportunities for social, emotional, intellectual and developmental benefits of school attendance and recreation due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Before selecting a camp, parents should speak to their child’s Blue Primary Care Network Provider to ensure vaccinations for their children are up to date and address any COVID-19 concerns.

While all risk for exposure cannot be eliminated camps can take steps to help lower the risk of COVID-19 exposure and spread by prioritizing prevention practices such:

  • Handwashing and respiratory etiquette

  • Staying home when sick

  • Enhance cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces

  • Mask wearing

It will be important to remember the more people a camper or staffer interacts with and the longer they interact, the higher the risk of COVID-19 spread.


Risk of COVID-19 in Camp Settings
Lowest Risk for Exposure

Small groups of campers stay together each day. Campers remain at least 6 feet apart and no objects are shared. Outdoor activities are prioritized. All campers are from the local area.

More Risk for Exposure

Campers mix between groups, but remain at least 6 feet apart and objects are not shared. Outdoor activities are prioritized. All campers are from the local area.

Even More Risk for Exposure

Campers mix between groups and do not remain spaced apart. All campers are from the local area.

Highest Risk for Exposure

Campers mix between groups and do not remain spaced apart. All campers are NOT from the local area.



CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and

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Long-Term Care Facilities

In March 2021, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) updated their Nursing Home Guidance with revised visitation recommendations. If visiting a loved one in a nursing home, you are encouraged to be fully vaccinated.

Visitation can be conducted through different means based on a facility’s structure and residents’ needs, such as in resident rooms, dedicated visitation spaces, outdoors, and for circumstances beyond compassionate care situations.

Here's an overview:

  • Facilities should allow indoor visitation at all times and for all residents (regardless of vaccination status), except for a few circumstances when visitation should be limited due to a high risk of COVID-19 transmission.

  • Outdoor visits generally pose a lower risk of transmission due to increased space and airflow. Therefore, visits should be held outdoors whenever practicable.

  • When a new case of COVID-19 among residents or staff is identified, a facility should immediately begin outbreak testing and suspend all visitation (except that required under federal disability rights law), until at least one round of facility-wide testing is completed.


Guidelines for Visitation in Nursing Homes

MSDH Prevention and Response Guidelines for Long-Term Care Facilities

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Restaurants and Bars

For the best protection for yourself and others, wear a mask inside restaurants and bars when you're are not eating or drinking.

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